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2016-07-03 18:34:43 (UTC)

Terminator Zapper

So, this morning I was googling products to help with all kinds
of illnesses. I kept coming up with this thing that zaps your
blood, helping to detox metals from your system, kill parasites
and claims to help cure the symptoms of fibromyalgia and
I was particularly interested in dealing with the parasites.

I sometimes experience the symptoms mentioned and thought
of this but self diagnosed myself as being too nervous
and my nerves endings making me feel a crawling sensation.

So, this device claims to deal with all those things. From
reading the testimonies, if any of them were actually true...
this may be something that can help me feel better.

still reminding me of that Wisconsin woman and her magnetic
field paranoia. whatever...I am getting it.

And will let you guys know when it comes, how I used it
and results.

Who knows?

Might work.