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2016-07-02 21:11:50 (UTC)

Shot out window in car?

Okay, once again, I decided today would be a day that I did things for
other people. So, I rode to Belmont to friends house to pick up some
things she had set aside for one of our other friends to sale at her
sale that she has from time to time at her house.

One, I thought it was just a couple of large bags. No, it was more
It was 4 large bags and a stack of things in frames. Okay, no problem;
I put down one of my seats and packed that stuff in there.
While I was doing that I noticed she had two Marilyn Monroe things
frames that I had never seen before. Since I was going to meet my
daughter later, I decided to take those two things to her.

So, off I went to Charlotte to our friends house...unloaded everything...
and said my good byes...have a nice weekend stuff...and left to meet
my daughter.

I was traveling down hwy 485 toward Matthews...just passed the
Mallard Creek Rd exit...crossing over over passes...nothing
like that...hardly no cars near me. Then all of the sudden WHAM!
BAM!!! I heard what sounded like a damn gun going off...and noticed
right away that my back window was shattered. I drive a Chevy HHR.
I started shaking it was so scarey. I thought something had fallen
from the sky onto the top of my car....had no time to reach for
my phone till the loud BAM noises happened again...this time...
my back window was shattered.....meaning it was not there...


I was on my way to meet my daughter so I called her.

"Something has hit the top of my car..the back window is
shattered....not sure what to do...."

"HANG UP AND CALL 911 and call me BACK"! I did that.
Have you ever called 911 from your cell phone? Not an easy
task at all.

Finally got through....but I had already pulled over at
the hwy 49 exit. I told them what I thought had happened...
I was too afraid to get out of my car. I actually thought
that the top of my car might be damaged from whatever had
happened. I have a sunwindow...but did not open it.

They said Hwy patrol would be there shortly.

I called my daughter back who was on her way.
She had already called my son who was also on his way.

I called my friend whose house I had just left to let
her know and she and her boyfriend were getting ready
to head my way and I convinced them to just talk to me
until someone showed up....but I knew they could get there
the quickest.

Finally my kids showed up both about the same time...
before the cop.
They thought someone had shot at my back window to make it
shatter like that so we were looking for a bullet exit point
when the state hwy patrolman showed up.

No one could figure out what happened. No gun shot...
not one hit my car...nothing dropped on the top of it...

We stood there a while...before deciding it was a freak accident.
Cop left. My daughter put stuff I brought to her in her car...
and my son followed me home.

I went to vacuum the glass out of my car...
No one had called the old man...;
he will be the hero next week though when he
takes my car to have that window replaced.

What a day.

Ready for a cold one....and some fish.


Feeling lucky to be alive today