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2016-07-01 02:59:45 (UTC)

Got my days confused today

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday...first day of July.
Later he was reminding me that one of us needed to go pay
a bill that we usually pay the last day of the month. It was
then that I realized today was Thursday, not Friday. Whoa...

so, I ran the errands this morning. Came back...and stayed
home the rest of the day. I have been feeling like crap. Been
worried to death about the boss. He really is weak and needs
a liver. He left this afternoon to meet his brother at a café
downtown. We finally got paid back the money we loaned him
to buy a truck. So, that feels good.

Then later today I started getting text from one of my friends.
She was telling me she is handing in the tag to her car. She
does not have the money for insurance, registration etc...

Now this one years ago borrowed a bunch of money from us after
a wreck she had and always promised she would pay us back. Even
after she got her big settlement, she never paid us back. Now
I could help her with her car....but knowing that she treated us
so poorly a while back....makes me feel like I am just being
used. I never hear from her. Wish things could be different.
But....I must protect myself. I look at it like this too...
she has three grown kids...and grandkids that work. They should
all help her. Not us.

I have no one to help me.

no one