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2016-06-29 16:50:15 (UTC)

Beat down over Straws at Wendy's

There was a news story on one of local stations about a pregnant
girl working the drive thru at Wendy's who was pulled through the
window and beat up by a group of hostile customers upset about
her not giving them a straw when she handed them their sodas.
Instead, she told them that the straws were in the bag, which they
were still waiting on.

Now, pulling her through the window and beating her down was a
bit over the top. No, they should not have done it. But clearly
they were upset. It is 100 degrees go to a drive
through, order food, and a cold soda. As soon as they hand you
their money, they hand you ice cold sodas....and no straw. You
ask for a straw, and they say it is in the bag. Now, you do not
see a bag at her window, instead you are actually waiting for the
cook to prepare your burger so there is no telling how long you
may wait for that straw that is coming with food in that bag.

I learned in customer service 101 that the customer is always right...
when they ask for a straw, give them one. How hard is it to take
the straws out of the bag?

In some of the comments under the story, I was threatened with a
beat down for saying such. Instead of understanding that the
entire incident could have been avoided....

Wendy's employees commented that this is the way they are trained
and if they do it any other way...then they will get points taken
away and which means written up which could lead to being let

This is ridiculous. And this is why I NEVER GO TO WENDYS....

I bet the founder, Dave Thomas is rolling over in his grave.

The women and her unborn child are doing fine....recovering.
I hate this happened to her. But like I said in my comments
it could have been avoided by simply letting the customer have
their straws with the soda.

When it happened to me.....and I was told same thing...
basically refusing to give me a straw before the bag come...
I had put a aspirin in my mouth that I wanted to swallow...
with the I had to take the lid off...the cup
bent and I spilled the soda all over my top, my car...
and barely had enough to swallow the pill.

Imagine having a car load of kids wanting to drink that cold
soda because it is so hot out side.....??????
TOUGH SHIT KIDS...the straw is in the bag.
You will have to wait just like the rest of the
stupid customers who continue to come into this establishment...
or at least drive thru.