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2016-06-28 23:27:42 (UTC)

The day after....

I was sore today from the butt probe yesterday. So, I took it
easy for most of the day. We discussed that house again and
learned more about some repairs that need to be done and the cost.
I am not interested now. Sometimes something looks good on paper
or from the road, but when you get inside and take a closer look,
you can learn too much. I am glad to learn too much this time.

I may be showing a house tomorrow. I have a cash client...
another one....can you believe it? I have been sending her
property for a while. I think I found one her family may like.
I told her to call me after she rides by it. I hope she wants
to see it. I need to get out of here...and a drive to
Harrisburg always makes feel better.

The boss is very weak. He needs a transplant soon or we are going
to lose him. I feel it. I am trying to be more prepared. I really
need to go there to pick up some things...but...if I get something
under contract to close soon...I can wait till the day I close...
and take him a check. He perks up when we bring checks....

I still want to continue paying things off and saving more in
savings. Maybe someday soon I will be a cash buyer.

His brother has enough money saved to buy his own place now...
but he has no job. It will be a while before he can draw his
retirement...and I do know of a place near here...but I am
not too sure if I would want him living too close to us.

Just saying.

Anyway...I made tacos today. We been married for 26 years. All
this time I thought he hated tacos so I never made them. Until
today. He likes them just fine. Not sure how that happened.

But all is good for a while.....

I hope.

Keep praying for the boss. I need him.