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2016-06-28 05:02:42 (UTC)

Count down

Mood: Fine
Song: Silence
Color: Purple

It's fifteen minutes until my birthday.
I always stay up until at least midnight to ring my birthday in I've done this since I was a kid.
I think the first time I did this was my tenth birthday I woke up and got a drink and saw that it was about 30 minutes before midnight and I remember sitting in the dark on the kitchen floor the only light on the one above the stove and waited for the minutes to pass.
and after that I made it a tradition to do that. from ten to thirteen i'd wait in the kitchen where there was always a clock to tick off the minutes.
after thirteen when I got my first phone I would watch the time from my room on that and since I was sixteen and started blogging I've always rung in my birthday like this... writing.

I think about all the years that have passed.
I think about how I've grown and changed.
I think about all that's to come in the next year of my life.
I think about my Brother and how it's his birthday too and how much I wish he was here to celebrate our lives here with me together.

I always wait for the moment when I know that I have aged another year and I always wait to see if I feel any different...ha I guess that maybe that's stupid because one minute from the next won't change you much but in a year... you change a lot.
infact i'm having a hard time remembering who I even was this time last year... things are so different, i'm so different.
and I have changed my mind about this birthday so many times in the past couple of months that I've lost count both dreading it and looking forward to it.
and I've decided to let the day bring what it may both blessing and cursing if it's meant to be.
and it's one minute away....

June 28th 2016 12:00

June 28th 1994....June 28th 2016....and counting the count down continues.