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2016-06-27 22:01:03 (UTC)

Saved life today..maybe

No, it was not the boss, I have heard nothing about his condition.
I am hoping and praying he had a transplant and is recovering. If
that is the case, he will call me himself.

I had the colonoscopy today. What a drive over there? My husband
hated it. I went the long way through the country driving
through part of South Carolina up hwy 49 to the Carowinds area
to Pineville. It took over a hour to get there. It only took
us 20 minutes to get home. LOL He was funny as hell making fun
of me.

But they found two small places that were removed. Usually happens.
No big deal But he found a place that was bigger than the other two
places and removed it too. He put what he called a tattoo showing
where it was so he can do another colonoscopy in 6 months to be
sure it is not still growing. So, I go back in 6 months. He did
say it was a life saving procedure today as if it had gotten
any bigger, it could have spread. The nurse helping me
after the procedure told us about one of her friends who waited
too long...and she only lived a year.

Whoa.....that was close.

I feel fine today.

Going to cancel the hearing aid save money though.

I am now more concerned about his we will both be
trying to stay focused on getting it if not...
he can not work anymore as a crane operator.

So, that is about it today.