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2016-06-26 00:23:41 (UTC)

Got hopes up today

I had a bunch to do today. Had to go pick up my glasses. I love them.
Especially like the sunglasses while driving. I can finally see. YEAH!

I picked up my business cards and they look great too. I am very
happy with them.
Next I will go into my program and make some new ones for my daughter.

I came home and asked him if he will ride with me to go look at
the house up the road that I told him about last night. At first he
did not want to go. But after I said I did not want to go inside the
house alone, he agreed. I told him I needed to go pick up my
prep stuff to take tomorrow night preparing for colonoscopy, but I
could bring him home before I go do that. He said he did not mind
going with me to do that we went to see that house.

OMG. It was great. reminded us both of this house we lived in 25
yrs ago. We pass this house all the time going back and forth to
the store or post office. It had a lot of room. We walked through
it...and then walked outside too. We both liked it. It only has
two bedrooms. So, if we got it, we would have to get a bed
that we can both sleep in. He said he was ok with that. I was
surprised to hear that. The photos of the house did not do it
justice. Anyway...we loved it.

We to Walmart to pick up meds. This lady was parked in the
handicap area and opened her door and motioned for us to
come over to her. My husband walked right over to her. She
seemed to need help. She did. She asked him if he would let her
hold onto his arm so she could walk in and he let her and we
walked her inside to the electric shopping carts. She was sweet.

And since I did not come pick it up when it was called in, they had put it back and I had to wait 20 minutes for it. I hate Walmart.

Now after we returned home, he kept asking about that house. we
went over the price, the amount of money we would have to put
down to get a loan, the payments, how much we would have to take
out to do stuff here so we could sell it...and pay off loan...
we do not want to have house payments...but we do not want
to spend all our savings either.....we went back and forth...
and talked some more. I finally pulled up an inspection report
on it and learned of some things that slowed us down a little.

The bad news is, we are passing on this one. The good news is..
with the talk about how we could make it happen, he finally
realizes that we can fix this house up...he can work a couple
more years to replace that money....and we will be about to
sell this one and pay a little more with what we get to pay for
another one if we once again find a house that we like as much
as we liked that one.

I have not seen him excited about anything in a while.
It looked good on him. I liked it.

Still have not learned anything about the boss.
I think he must be doing better.