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2016-06-25 03:37:14 (UTC)

Designer what?

After paying so much for that pair of glasses last year at
Walmart and not being able to even wear them....and I cannot
get them changed until next

today...after last night of messing up my eye while showering
and not being able to wear contacts for a while...I went to
order some glasses today at Vision Works.

I had already paid off discover card so I decided that I would
get a nice pair and a pair of sunglasses. These folks said that
if I have a problem seeing out of them, they will change them
with a new prescription for free within 30 days. So, I went
for it.

I did not get ray bans though. I got what I liked and was not
actually looking for a designer name. I think I ended up
with Versace if that is how you spell it. Sunglasses were
coach. There was a 40 percent discount on second pair and
some other discounts was not too bad. But, I need
to have glasses to drive and to work. is a tax

I am approaching the days before my colonoscopy where I have to
eat or not eat certain things. He went to the store to stock up
on stuff. LOL Any reason to go to grocery store.

My daughter called today too asking about the boss. I had heard
nothing. I gave her his sisters number so she could call to
ask what was going on. I am afraid too hear bad news. She and
I talked a while. She said she had a colonoscopy last week.
She gets them at her age because she has Chromes disease. She
said everything was fine with her.

I will be glad to have this over with.
Next will be the hearing aid upgrade. If the insurance
does not help pay for them...I an't getting them. Simple

Then....the woman stuff...cotty check and boobie check....

I think I will be tuned up with all that.

Still very concerned about the boss. Hate that he may be
in distress or in pain. I really want him to be well again.
I need his ass. For real. He keeps me lifted up...and going.
He is the fuel and I am the car.