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2016-06-24 04:44:16 (UTC)

I am hoping no news is good news

But then again, she could be waiting to call me in the morning...
so I am not going to think it is okay yet. I just want to go
back in time when he was not sick. I hate it. He really has
went downhill fast. It seems like a week since he called to
tell me about his first new at the doctors appointment. He was
going to be on that transplant list. We had that to be hopeful.

We worked as usual on days he felt good. Then those days were
getting rare. He did not even want to drive this week. He kept
losing weight, being weak....talking to him on the phone can
be deceiving too. I had no idea he was getting this bad. Now,
I may never talk to him again. He could be dying right now.

At least my daughter called me today. I told her I paid her MLS
dues. Just wanted too. I do not want what happens next to stop us
for too long. I want things to keep going.

I have a pocket listing. I have another one later in the year too.
I just need more. She has some things going on as well. She is
helping fix the car her daughter has been driving. She had her
first accident. Scared her to death. Following too close.
It is always that.

But my daughter has been taking care of it....on her own. Has not
asked for help at all. All is good.

With them.

My heart is breaking with each passing hour.

My life if going to change. I will have what I have been
working for. But I did not want to achieve it this way.
Not this way at all. I loved working with the boss. He
has been my friend. We think a lot
alike. We laughed about the same sad about the
same things....actions of people shocked us in the same way.

I figured we would be working together until he wanted to
retire. Not die.