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2016-06-23 17:46:46 (UTC)

Walking stressfully

I was up early. I had saved this day to catch up on some
paperwork. Then I realized that I left a folder at the
bosses house this week. He forgot to give it too me so
I will have to go get it to finish this up today.

I was in process of getting ready to ride over to his house
when he called. OMG

He wanted me to go into MLS and pay his fee. Then he said
he was going back to the doctor today. They called and ask
him to come in....again he was just there yesterday. They
want to do blood work again. He thinks his liver has almost
stopped working. He was very upset and said that he would
either come home with a new liver or in a pine box.

I almost dropped the phone. I told him to do whatever they
say, try to stay strong...and that I loved him.

I took off in my car...just riding.....I do not even
remember where I went....

back now.

Just waiting for a call...
good news
bad news

I am ready either way.