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2016-06-22 19:52:42 (UTC)

Midweek ups and downs

Lots to update on. My closing was yesterday. I arrived at the
condo to find she was not there. I went ahead and got the lockbox
off the door and waited a little longer before riding to her house.

Her car was in the back and looked like it had not been moved
for days. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that she may
be dead inside or something. So, I began banging on her door..
ringing the doorbell and calling her name. I stopped for a moment
long enough to listen for something, but heard nothing by silence.

I figured I would try one more time before calling 911. So, I started
knocking harder and saying her name louder. I had given up and
was reaching for my cell phone to make that call when the door
finally opened. She was messy and standing there with a surprised
look on her face. I said we have a closing to get too, did you
forget? She stumbled around a little apologizing and said she
would be ready in a minute. I told her I would be waiting in
the car. So, in the car, I called the attorney letting them
know we would be late; suggesting that the seller go ahead and
sign and we will be there shortly.

She finally came out; looking thrown together. She did not have
time to shower off the alcohol smell. Reminded me of Canadian
Mist. She must have been on one of those drunks that I had
heard about. I finally have proof that it was indeed true.

The lawyer let her come in to sign the documents. It did not
take too long. But she was blabbering in in circles...over
reacting to things that should have been easy to understand.
He was very patient with her. I was glad to get out of there.
I drove her back home. And then I had to go back to lawyer
office to pick up checks to take to the boss.

The boss was sitting outside in the shade. He did not feel
too good. It was horrible. I sat there with him for a while.
He told me he had an appointment to go back today to get
some of the fluid drained off. I was hoping that would go
well. But he has already called me today. They did not
like the numbers this time on his bloodwork. The transplant
team will be meeting to discuss his options. He is pretty
sure that he has declined so much that they are going to
take him off that transplant list.
I am devastated.

I spent the day yesterday with my business woman friend. I
looked at her neighbors house and talked to them about
listing it. I loved it too. I have that to look forward

So, today, I took my huband back to eye doctor. He has to go
back in a month. If it is not healed up, he is going to have
to have some laser stuff done to it.

He told me I could rent a condo at the beach while he is working
on my room. So, I will be waiting till the season ends
and I can rent it for a month. This should be great....
I go to beach..come home to my new renovated room...
then he can start on the rest of the place...

Most likely by then, the funeral will have taken place...
and I will need that time to rest. I hate to see someone
suffer. The boss told me he was ready to go. I am
not going to tell him to hold on for hope anymore since
it appears there is none. He is ready. I can accept
that. I have no choice.

He has been a great person. A great man. He will be in
a better place for sure.

I will miss him so much.