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2016-06-19 22:26:19 (UTC)

Sunday cooler temps round here

The rain has stopped and the temps are lower today. Although I have
stayed home and done very little it has been a lovely day to do so..
Have the fan on too. I love that.

I came home yesterday with three pairs of shoes. Today I ordered
two more pair and a dress. I should have comfortable shoes now..
no matter how my feet feel at the moment.

That dress is just in case. I can get stressed out real quick if
things start to go south. But it won't be because I have nothing
to wear to a visitation or a funeral. I hope and pray that I
do not ever need that damn dress.

We talk a little more about that house and how to make time to
go see it. I think we will go see it this week. I want it.

It will be the first step toward a better future. I can rent it
out real quick. It will not take long at all for it to bring in
enough money and equity to get another one.

I want to have enough money to get this it as income.
And get another one to flip and sale. BAM!