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2016-06-18 22:54:43 (UTC)

Discussing future...

I have been keeping up with a listing near here. It belonged to
my exfriends ex-husband who is remarried to someone else now.
He bought it for practically nothing, did some work and it is
cute as heck. Only a 2 bedroom, but the updates make it a great
rental property. The price has been lowered again and I brought
it up to the husband.

I told him we should go take a look and think about getting it.
I showed him the photos in MLS. We discussed paying 10k down
and then..renting it out as soon as we could. It would pay
for itself in no time. Having rental property is a great way
for older people to increase their monthly income.

I was surprised he liked the idea.

I think he liked the idea of buying it just to piss her off...
which I thought was kind of catty. She does not ever need to
even know about it. None of her business. If she were to
find out, he would tell her. ( her ex )

His new wife is posting on FB that she has a jealous stalker
but says nothing much about it other than that. I am sure
she is talking about my ex friend. She must have come unglued
when he got married. He was seeing her for a while and I think
she thought they were going to get back together. What a jerk.

Anyway....nothing much is going on....

I am still having issue with my scalp. I wish it would clear
up. I am using the shampoo and the cream...just like she said.
But I have knots on the back of my head still. I am worried.
Trying not to be too stressed.

Just trying to work on the we have more money
coming in. I do not like this shit.

If we can do this...I am hoping to build a garage with an
apartment for my son...and his rent will pay for it.

Like that will ever happen?