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2016-06-17 21:32:57 (UTC)

"My Name Is Doris? LOL

I watched this movie today. It was a hoot.

The entire movie at almost every turn displayed the life of
my ex friend, from the white cat, having taken care of elderly
parents, living alone, clutter, work environment, living in
LA LA LAND....dreaming about life instead of living it...
the hoarding...the ridiculous clothes and make up...

the way she thought....all of it....

What got me was there is this woman she talked about all
the time from where she worked named Doris that she could
not stand at all.....

It was funny. Hate it reminded me of her, but it did.

I was going to tell him to watch it, but that seemed mean.
cause I would have had to admit that the movie seemed to
parallel her life and I thought it was funny because of that.

So, I did not ask him to watch it.

I do have a urge to buy the movie and mail it to her.


Not going to do it.

I mean really...she should be happy about Sally Field playing
her in a movie. I mean really....that is good, isn't it?