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2016-06-16 19:57:09 (UTC)

Feeling beat down emotionally

I was worried that I was going to have to ride to the other side
of Cabarrus county today but as it worked out for me, I do not
have too...and looks like I am good with that part of the closing.

After talking to the boss this morning...I can feel myself wanting
to crawl into a bed, cover up and lay in a fetal position till
everything is over....I wish I could sleep still this time
next year....and wake up with all that is to happen between now
and then has come and gone.

I do not want to witness death. I do not want to go to a service...
I just want to lay down and cry a million tears wishing God would
feel so sorry for me that he would make everything alright...

we need that liver....

I know someone has to die for us to get it. That is a sad thing.
But, what has to happen needs to happen soon. He is running out
of time.

I do not like to hear him suffering

It is too much to bear....

I am broken.

I feel so selfish and weak.