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2016-06-15 22:50:09 (UTC)

Wednesday's sight returned

His appointment went well. the doctor seems to think that he
coughed or sneezed to hard causing too much pressure in his
eye...and wants to see him again next week after it has had
time to get back to normal.

That was a relief

I brought him home and then I rode to pick up
some supplies for the son...and take a look at cards. I got
him fathers day card...I found a birthday card with a large
crane on it..and got that since he is a crane operator. I will
keep it for his birthday later this year.

Now...I know, I know this will sound ridiculous. But I picked up
a card also to mail in a few weeks to Jay North. He played
Dennis the Mennis as a child and turns 65 this year. When my
back was messed up, I laid in bed and watched a lot of the his
shows. I recorded them so I could watch one right after another.
It helped me out for real. So, I did some research and learned
a little about him. He has worked as a prison guard after leaving
show business. Lives on the east coast too. I hope he enjoys
hearing from fans. We shall see.

Tomorrow and or Friday I will be working to make sure the lawyer
has what they need for our closing next week. I am hoping it
has been explained and handled. But....not sure yet. Still
waiting on the other agent to have enough free time to send in
invoices for their part so the lawyer can prepare the hud.
Lord. I am sick of dealing with half asses.
I been ready for weeks...and everyone has everything they need
from me...and I do not have an assistant or a team.


Okay I signed into BIG BROTHER AND Watched interviews of all
12 house guest. One is from Charlotte. One is Vanessa's sister
from last season...and one is Cody's brother....remember'CODY?

Lord have mercy. Only 12 house guests makes me feel that one
of the twist will be some of the old HG showing up the first

I love bIG BrothER