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2016-06-15 22:06:17 (UTC)

Core Values

Mood: Tired, thoughtful.
Song: Just a dream by Nelly
Color: Yellow.

I was considering today a lot of things people i know and love have done recently things that hurt me or the people around them and i just can't imagine acting that way you know?
but i was thinking about my core values and what i think is the most important attributes people should have....
and i can't really say for you but these are the ones i have and hope to have and believe in.
and we can always improve on things we are human and we should never stop growing and trying to do better.
SO when i say these are mine...that doesn't mean i'm always good at them but it's what i want to be and try to be.
these are the core values i choose to have for my life.

1. Loyalty- "A strong feeling of support or allegiance."

I've been betrayed enough to know that true loyalty is rare and worth fighting for if you find someone that has the integrity to actually be loyal in all areas of their life.
I will be a loyal person.

2. Consistent- "A Person or behavior that is unchanging in achievement over a period of time"

I don't want to be a flaky person i don't want to be a person who flip flops from one opinion or idea to another i want to be dependable and i will be a consistent person.

3. Accountable- "A person expected or required to justify actions or decisions"

I will have relationships and friendships that have trust, responsibility and accountability.
it's the only way that it works.

4. Honesty- "Free of deceit or untruthfulness"

I hate lies and i think people who lie all the time are just stupid. why would you want to live that way?
I will be an honest person even if it hurts because i think it hurts worse to be lied to.

5. Faith- "Complerte trust or belief in someone or something.

With out Faith it is impossible to please God.
but other than faith in God...
i'd like to believe that even through my own pessimism that i have faith in people and in my self.
Faith enough to change the world and to hold on to hope.

6. Growth- " to undergo natural development the process of maturity"

I think as people there's always room for more growth and we can always learn more, do more, be better improve and so i hope to never forget that no matter how old i get to be.

7. Action- "the act or process of doing something usually to achieve a goal"

I hope that when it's all said and done that i'll have done way more than i said, i hope that when an opportunity arises that i act and take it, i hope that when it comes to standing for something i do.
I hope that act justly and rightly.

8. Imagination- "The action of forming new ideas or concepts.

I have always loved the fact that people have imaginations and that's what has got us where we are today, it's the new ideas and concepts that have us cars, planes, internet, All the amazing books and stories, the amazing art and inventions we have.
I will be a imaginative person.

9. Conviction- "A firmly held believe or opinion.

if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything and i refuse to be one of those types of people i have my convictions beliefs and i like knowing something to be true and knowing what is false.

10. Perseverance- " Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success"

Life's not ease, but it's worth it it's worth the difficulties and the things that keep us down for when it's good cause as bad as it is bad when it's good it's great.
so i will persevere no matter what i will finish this race.

That's all for now and part two will be up maybe tomorrow? if not then definitely the next day.
what are some of your core values?