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2016-06-13 23:44:22 (UTC)

Going Blind

Finally got a call to schedule the colonoscopy later this month.
So, now, everything I need is scheduled. Plus going back to
dermatologist about my scalp which is not healing with the
special shampoo and antibiotic lotion. It appears to be getting
worse. Told the old man they may have to shave my head at the back
just to be able to see it. I am okay with that. I just need it
to start healing.

Today, the old man finally caved in on allowing me to call to
make him an appointment to see a specialist about his right eye.
He is not able to see past the blurred vision and bright light
bothers him. He feels like his vision is getting worse and
he may be going blind in it. I told him he was told he was
a diabetic and ignored instructions and never took medication.
He did not even change his diet. Hard headed old man....that is
him 100%. So, I will be calling in the morning. He waited until
all offices were closed to tell me anything.

Man this growing old thing is hard.
But better than the alternative I suppose.

Staying alive just isn't easy anymore.

But we are trying.