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2016-06-13 14:58:49 (UTC)

Finally a free week...

So far I have a free week. Now that could change if the phone
starts ringing and I am okay with that. I prefer to be busy.

This morning I paid off my discover card. I use it to pay for
business stuff and most charges are tax deductible anyway. Still
have money in bank after that to add to my closing next week. Then
I will pay for my HSN account which also is used a lot for
tax deductible items like laptops and cameras. I will feel so
happy to have it paid off too. I can feel my credit score
soaring as I type this.

This morning, We are making a breakfast pizza. I saw it on
facebook. You start with shredded potatoes (hash browns)
with shredded cheese and an egg mixed and pressed onto
a greased use non stick spray pan kind of like a pizza crust
with the edges pinched up. Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

Take out of oven, top with more cheese, cooked bacon and break
eggs onto it as you would in a frying pan. Bake this an additional
15 minutes.

It is in oven right I will let you know how it turns
out later.

I wanted to ride to Lake Lure today, but he did not want too.
My take a ride buddy is not home this week, so I decided to stay
home. But I can feel a ride at least to Asheville in my future.
I still need to get some tea for the boss. Not sure if that is
a good idea though. If he takes a turn for the worse, someone
may blame it on the tea. May pass on that. But not Asheville.

I need to get out of here.

If not this the end of month I should be up to date
on stuff and have more free time.

Jay North? Remember him? Dennis the Menus. He turns 65 yrs
old in August. I have his address and I am sending him a
birthday card. I would love to hear back from him. But
he will most like throw it n trash thinking I am a stalker.

Whatever At least I am alive and he is older...not by much
but he is older.