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2016-06-11 16:34:15 (UTC)

Catching up on stuff here

I finally rode to pick up my check. My daughters check did not
come until much later so she and I did not get to go meet with the
boss at the same time. I was disappointed, but went on over to his
house anyway. He looks a bit worse, but still in good spirits.

We discussed business very little and the conversation went to his
transplant and the what ifs. He is sure if he does not get the new
liver he is not going to make it. One way or another. Live or die.

I reminded him of how he was and has always been a very good person...
he started to cry a little...and said he had tried and if he dies,
he knows where he is going.

We talked about how he is prepared with a bag packed to go to the
hospital to get the surgery if and when they call. I joked a little
with him about getting to go through the experience of having a bag
packed and ready to go....kind of like a pregnant woman. Not sure if
he laughed or not, but I was trying.

He has his neighbors who stop by to make sure he is ok. They been
taking real good care of him. I felt good about all that before I
left. God I pray for him to get that liver. I will be so lost
with him.

I went on a shopping spree as soon as I left there. Man...I thought
I had a 40 dollar cash back coupon and when I got to the checkout...
it was not active yet. So, I spent so much I got another
now I have 80 bucks cash from Kohl's to spend after the 20th. And
I will be spending it. But I left there with three dresses all
of which I tried on...and a couple bras. I am growing so much
that I just about have to get a larger bra every month.

Whatever...maybe I was meant to be a larger woman.
Or maybe I just need hormones.
I have made my appointments for the yearly checkups and mammogram
for next month. I will be asking about hormone replacement this
time. I am sure I need it.

My scalp is not getting any better with the special shampoo
and cream. It is still breaking out and sores popping up...

I looked up the shampoo and cream to be sure I knew what the
hell she is treating me for. At least it is not head lice..
although that would be simple compared to this.

I just hope she does not tell me that I am going to have to
shave my head next. I go see her soon too.

Today, I got up early. I moved the last piece of furniture out
of my he could start his work. So, he cannot say that
I have not done my part. But in the process of doing all this.
I am also cleaning out things, sorting and tossing. I thought
this morning that it would be easier and easier to pack up my
car and just leave....for a while. I still have the money to
do that now.

Just waiting on more money.....

got another closing in two weeks....

and now I have another hair stylist looking for a house....
she is getting being ready to start looking again.
Time will tell.

I am touching base with our commercial client on Monday and
suggest a slight price drop...and then I can up the listing
in MLS and send it to the 9 investors who are interested.

I need that one to close too.

Splitting some of my closings with the boss. I do not
want him to run out of cash...lots of doctor bills...
and such.

I am glad I got to see him yesterday.