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2016-06-09 23:10:55 (UTC)

Raining more

My closing went great this week....everyone left happy with keys
to that darn house. GOD I LOVED THAT HOUSE...I AM SO HAPPY FOR
THEM! Lord have mercy....

Then I had to stop in there the next day to pick up check...
and get all the paper work copied and filed away...

today, I was going to go pick up my check...which is when I give
the company check to the boss and he writes my check. But I wanted
to wait till my daughter got her check so we could both go
at the same time...

She called me early this morning in a panic. The buyer's agent
was asking for more detailed invoices where the repairs had been
made and receipts for the supplies. The owner is in Florida...
and did not have access to the receipts. The guy who made the
repairs has a day job and she could not get in touch. So, I
looked at the invoice she had already supplied and we discussed
how to make it work with an email. All the work was warrantied..
and the main components of the house including the roof is also
under warranty. So, she made a file to send with all that information.

The closing was supposed to be at noon. It was not. She had almost
threatened to walk if she did not get what she asked for as if
our information was not good enough.

My daughter was freaking out since she really needed that closing
to take place as it was a large amount of money for her.
Today was her last day working at the school until the fall...

I had to work on this all afternoon. Finally I attempted to
call the buyers luck. SO I sent her an email and
asked if we were closing today or were they going to walk? I
expected an answer before the end of the day.

30 minutes later, my daughter called saying that she had heard
from the has been wired. All my daughter has to
do is show up to sign the HUD ( Closing Statement )

I think the girl forgot what she was doing. She was only hours
away from being in breach of contract which I had already
prepared the document to send to all parties terminating...
so we could put that house back on the market...and alert
all the other buyers who were very interested. I was going
to let her keep her buyers ED money cause she would still
have to let the lawyer disperse funds to everyone who needed
to be paid...

BUT it did not get to all that as she finally wired the money
and the closing took place. One of those closings where
no one shows up....but the lawyer.

So tomorrow I get to spend with my daughter who was calling me
every 15 minutes today...and the boss was calling when she was not.

When I finally thought I had this fire put out and everyone
happy phone rang again and it was my son....

He was letting me know he has to work tomorrow...and he is
getting his truck fixed....and I may need to take one of
his checks to pay for it....if they get finished.


I finally have my pajamas on......

looking forward to another day....
starting tomorrow.

All rain....unless you say it is raining sunshine...

I feel great today.