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2016-06-05 16:48:29 (UTC)

Sunday resting day

I am dreading this upcoming week and will be delighted when it is
over. Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday...I will be able to relax.

Watching a little kid continue to run and jump...and hit the
string to the lights...rolling on the floor and hitting the
wall...constantly even after the parent has said "STOP" over
and over...and over...I just had to walk out of the room. I was
hoping that maybe that kid was showing off a little bit for
me...but the dad walked out of there huffing with his back to
the room...then he turns around..."like HELL YOU WILL" now,
was he speaking to the kid or the mom? Who knows...

all I knew is it is time to get the hell out of I told
them we were going to lock it up...and go.

This is one reason I am delighted to be working more in
commercial transactions now than in Residential. I did this
one as a favor to a past client....which from now on, I will
pick residential buyers or sellers more carefully. I can always
refer them out.

Not everyone understands that if you do not do what you are asked
or what you say...then the closing may be delayed. The magical
man with the top hat is not going to appear and lift the keys
to your new home out of his hat. It takes a process. A very
strict one. All the "T"'s must be crossed.

And then there is the other one....who is not or never is
available. I meet with her tomorrow.

GOD! Please let her show up....

and that one will be over in a couple of weeks.

I hope I never have to do another residential transaction...
unless of course it is a high dollar one where I most likely
will be dealing with more intelligent people.

These unexperienced....

just can not deal.