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2016-06-04 15:56:51 (UTC)

Dealing with idiots who know everything...

When you are dealing with idiots who know everything, wires can
certainly get crossed. You might be thinking that they understand
the process and believe when they say they have done or are going
to do something that they will or have. Then you learn later that
they did not, and you have to step in and save the deal by lighting
a fire under their ass. They either get it or they don't, but most
of the time, oh hell, lets face it guys, ALL THE TIME it is always
your fault, not theirs. You are the one who caused the delay. Not

I have reached the conclusion today that I am simply too nice. I am.
That is going to have to stop. Now, I can think about sending buyers
a gift card to purchase a swing for that front porch....but I do not
have to do that. They won't appreciate it anyway. They will only
remember that the closing was delayed and it was your fault. That
new swing to them would be a gift to get them to say nice things
about you....

they will forget that you showed them with printed out information
about 20 properties...that you never said you were not available to
them...and you put many hundreds of miles on your car doing so....

No, they will not remember that.

then, there is the realtor with that team? Oh yeah. Although you
sent them a repair request and copied in that assistant on Thursday...
here it is Saturday and you have heard get a
email asking if we are still set to close on the close date.
You ask them if they received the repair request...and tell them
you sent it on Thursday...all they have to say is that we are
past that Due Diligence date....when you know that we are not.

So, I resend it to them explaining that the DD Date is one day
next week. Instead of looking at the original contract or asking
that wonderful detailed assistant....they just call you.

So, you get the pleasure of setting them straight while you read
off that DD DATE from the contract.


Life is good.

And I am right and they are wrong....

and when people are rude to me from now on....I am not giving them
the time of day.

I was going to call him this morning and ask about the repair
request., he has what he needs and hoping to hear from
him with a response....

or else...we can walk....and him and his assistant can put
that place back on the market and aggravate someone else.

update later....
They are making all repairs....
and closing will be on time...hoping this time
everyone is happy....