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2016-06-04 03:31:42 (UTC)

Working for the weekend....

Had to ride to the property I am closing on next week to do a
walk through. I really love this house. He pulled the carpet
back a little in the great room to find hard wood floors which
was a delightful surprise. This couple still did not have much
to say. Not sure why. But they do not seem to be as excited as
I would have been if I knew that was going to be my home next week.

I left there feeling beat up emotionally. But once again learning
that I can not allow myself to get too attached to the house or
the people. Everyone is different. Some are very happy about
the process and experience...and others are not. I did my best
to make it run smoothly for them.

But if they tell me they are in touch with the loan guy, then
I hear two weeks later the loan guy is still waiting to hear
from them....and I have to light a fire under someone to get them
to go sign documents that the loan guy needs to start his part
of this process....that is not my fault. Then, when mention
it is time to get the home insurance and send that information
to everyone...then I hear again from the lawyer, the loan guy
and even the other broker complaining that we are going to
have to delay the closing for a week...because it will take
that long for the underwriter to do their part after they
finally get a copy of the insurance policy. Again, not my

I was going to ride by my buddy's house on the way home, but
the experience today drained me out of energy. I stopped at
a burger joint to pee though....and had to wait for the longest
time after this lady with two kids went into the bathroom...
came out...then back in before I could...another bad experience.

I am just sick of people being so damn rude. For God sakes...
She saw me waiting to go in there..seemed like they were just
poke ass along just to be mean.

Finally heard from my lady buyer who has been very hard to
get in touch with. I think I have her set now...and she is
meeting me Monday at the pest inspection to sign some things.

I sent a repair request to the listing agent for that condo..
and I have heard nothing. Someone will call me about those
repairs by tomorrow or I am calling them. They will make the
repairs or reduce the price to adjust it for my buyer.

That closing is in two weeks.

I will be glad when this month is over with.

Next week, my daughter and I both will take big ole fat
checks to the owner who is very ill....he will write us
a check minus a small percentage. But the company will
make a little bit. This will be a good time for her
and I to meet with him since he found out about his cancer.
I told her we need to spend some time with him...and just will make him feel better...I just hope he gets
good news next week...too when he goes back to one of those
doctor appointments. He needs a transplant.....

then...I heard one of his friends say that they can take out
your liver...clean it real good and put it back in...
I have never heard that being done....maybe that would
be something to avoid having to wait for that transplant.

I just need him to be better. I hate this.

I really do hate this...

and people being me when they have no idea how
hard I work...and all that I am going through right now....

it is not something to discuss with them.

what ever