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2016-06-01 21:49:53 (UTC)

Busy gloomy day

I made the mistake of asking him today when he intends to begin
the work on the inside of our house. I had a doctors appointment
this morning who verified that my chest hurts most likely because
of the air I am breathing here. Too much dust. Also, last week
we learned of bed bugs...neither of which seem to concern him
at all.

He has decided to be hesitant....does not want to run out of money...

What we need done is not going to cost more than 5k. It is not
like we are going to run out of money.

I got so pissed off at him. I said to him...seriously

"do you want me to leave you? Cause I can do that very
easily....I do not need to be here in this nasty environment..."

then he began pointing out all the crap that I have in my room...
where are we going to put that stuff while the painting and
floors are being done?

I looked at him like he was nuts...and told him that the "CRAP" he
is speaking of will NO LONGER be in there. I want most of it
took to the dump.

I went in there...and started bringing stuff out...and he helped.
We filled an two bags and I mean the very large take to
the dump. I have a cabinet in there with shelves. I put it
together myself...most of that came of it so I put the shoes
that I wear in it..and some other things. I also throw out all
my cassettes...with recording of my music. OH THAT HURT!
I threw out all my art stuff...a fortune on brushes and oils..

he does not give a shit. As I did that...I reminded him that he
promised me a studio to put this shit in....but all I got was a
scraped out dirt pit that he throws trash a white trash
hillbilly. That is where my studio was going....oh well.

By the time I was done...there is nothing in my room now but
my bed and that cabinet...and one table that I have my fax
machine on.

I spent the day sorting, and stacking my stuff up...
one thing for won't be hard to move it out if I
go...and I told him in no uncertain terms today that

my nerves were so shot I did not even fill like riding to
concord....I have things to do....

but tomorrow I will be doing some of that....