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2016-05-31 21:50:58 (UTC)

Working with teams...

IN some real estate companies, they will set up teams of
realtors to work together. I do not have a team of people
to do my job, I do it all.

So, one of my closings..where I have already done every thing
that I am supposed to do at this point...well, today, I have
received two emails...asking if I had scheduled inspections
yet for the property? Well...uh, yeah. I did. I called the
showing service and they called the listing agent and the
owner to schedule it. So, why is a so called coordinator sending
me emails asking about though I am not bright
enough to know to do it? I simply responded that the inspection
was in the morning. So, again, later in the another
email asking for the time? I did not respond.

But I called this person...since I was not familiar with
their email or contact information and asked them if they minded
telling me who they are representing in this transaction? I
explained who I was...but it was unclear who she was. Anyway..
yeah, I was asked early on to CC her in to any emails...
but when she sent the ones today..she did not CC in the listing
agent. If she had, I would have known who she was.

This is why I do not work on teams....She should have been told
by the listing agent who was notified when the inspection was
scheduled. I should not be receiving aggravating emails about this shit.

But the good news is...

I will be going to that area again tomorrow to check on some
property that another buyer I have is interested in...she asked
about it today..and it is not in MLS so, I will be stopping by
to see what is up with it. Hoping to have another closing

Been so busy..if I go a day or two with nothing happening...I
almost get sad.