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2016-05-29 21:47:13 (UTC)

Smelling pee

It is a smelling pee kind of day. I am getting ready to
take my second shower of the day...and new pajamas..or
clean pair, then back to relaxing in bed. I hate smelling
the pee....but when it leaks out and you are the one it
is leaking out of...well, hell. That is the truth.
Love it believe it and know you will live it too...if you
live long enough.

No, I do not wear diapers. But I do wear those poise pads...
and change them is like having your damn period...
in your 60's.

My husband is cooking tonight...I made a squash casserole which
is in the oven right now...I can just about smell it...and soon
I will be smelling his porkchops frying...

whatever. I know it an't healthy...but who cares...
at this age, you never know if your meal is going to
be your enjoy your food. It may be the
only joy you have at some point.

Yeah, I feel like that sometimes...

One of friends who sings in a rock band with another friend
who plays guitar..ask me to come hear their band play
at Amois South End next week end. About 20 years ago..
I took video of them and photos...we were all younger..
those two guy still have long is blonde still
and the other one is gray....but they are still rocking it
out. I may take my Nikon and go take a couple shots of them
next weekend. Depends on how that day is going as
I now take life one day at a time....

smelling the pee or not.