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2016-05-28 22:39:57 (UTC)

Some people just go too soon

I was hoping to hear back from an inspector that I left a message
requesting an inspection to be scheduled on that condo. I left the
message yesterday. He usually calls back sooner than this. So, I
was sitting here at my desk and computer going through my phone
numbers to see if I could locate a back up just in case. I figured
that maybe he was out of town or something...

not having much luck, I was delighted when my cell phone rang
and saw his number looking back at me. Finally. I heard this
voice; much younger than his letting me know that he was Scott's
son returning my call. I said, yes, I was wanting to schedule
an inspection for next week....and before I could even think past
that thought; he said the words. I knew what he was going to say
from the tone in his voice.....he was very sorry to let me know
that his dad passed away about a month ago....his voice trembling
as he said those words. Man...he was the one that I liked the best.
I could always count on him. I talked to his son a little while...
he said that all the realtors said about the same thing about his
dad....I was so sorry to hear this.

So, I got back on the google...and looked for one closer to the
condo...and wham! There it was. This guy listed his address
to be on the road as the house I mentioned yesterday that is
listed...which just happens to be right up the road from the
complex. We discussed it a while, and he was glad to schedule
it for Wednesday. And gave me a great deal.

That house that I mentioned is under contract. Only listed for
less than 24 hours too. The ZERO on days listed had not even
had a chance to become a ONE. WOW!

God, if only I could get some things listed.

Maybe my add in the banner will help. If not...
I did have a chance to look at it today...when I received
notification it is actually going to be printed in there
for two weeks, not the four I had ask for. But she said
I used too many words...I was ok with that.

If I do not get any bites from it...I think I will tweak
the add some and try it again. People love those darn neighborhood
FREE newspapers....

I took a shower this morning, got dressed...rode to gas station to
get gas...came home...crawled back in bed...then took a nap
trying to watch a movie where the makeup artist over did
the ladies eye brows...too much. Ridiculous. When I woke
up, I took another shower....put on my pajamas. And here I
am with you guys again.

Broke my heart to hear about that inspector. He was so
healthy looking not to mention he was very handsome. I even
recall day dreaming about him...while I waited on him to
write me out an invoice once... He was awesome. His son
sounded heart broken. I bet they do not want to change his
message on his reveal his passing because they
want to hear it. So sad.

We lost one of the best ones...for sure.
He will be missed.

On a darker side...I spent the afternoon killing damn piss
ants. We put out those house thing that you expect to
lure them into...with poison...bull shit. They were crawling
all over that damn thing...and the cutting board...and
counter top. It looked like my counter top had been