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2016-05-28 04:24:04 (UTC)

Summer and My Birthday

Mood: Happy
Song: On top of the world by Imagine Dragons
Color: Light Green

So... my birthday is about a month away and i was dreading it a week ago but tonight i'm excited.
I'm not sure what i have planned is what most about to be 22 year old's would celebrate their Birthday and i'm sure when you hear it your going to be like what the heck...?!?
But it's what i'm choosing to do and i'm excited about it and i'm just thinking about how these people...are who i'm choosing to spend my life with and they have hurt me and i have hurt them but i don't regret a moment of our history and our story and i hope it never ends even when it does change...and that being said right there doesn't make sense but it will in a minute.

For my birthday(well the Friday before it) i am having a giant Sleep over or a lock in or an over nighter or what ever you want to call it.
and dall my friends are coming and it's going to have great music, great food, Games, Friends, Family just an amazing night and memories that won't ever go away.
We do this type of get together when ever we can it's just our way and we always have a lot of Fun.
I have some great people in my life i'm lucky.

Summer...summer summer...
Still don't know how i feel about that approaching and all that... so much to decide and do and so much is expected.
Ahhhh Life.
So i think i will forget life for a while this evening and think about my birthday plans.
And you know what? i just want to ride out this happy feeling as long as i can.
:) :) :)
Any ideas of things we should do at the party?