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2016-05-27 15:23:45 (UTC)

Friday is a added day for me this week

I thought yesterday was Friday. WHOA WHO! A whole extra day!

So, today, he must have remember that I asked him two weeks ago
to empty the vacuum cleaner bag. He finally emptied it. So, I
started right away by turning it on and cleaning the entire house.

Then he says something like..."works better when it cleaned out, huh"?
I said nothing...just acted like I did not hear him. But his comment
reminded me of my ex-husband who would walk out of the shower like
a peacock with their wings spread he was expecting a
standing ovation for having finally taking a damn shower. God
I still hate that man....glad he is married to someone else now.

Wish this one was too...though.

We discussed this morning what to do about the pool. I finally
said the words...."why don't we have it removed completely and
plant grass there like it was before"? Oh, the relief on his
face....he said he had been thinking the same thing.

So, now I can look forward to his loser brother coming here
to help him take it down...board by board...and the guy who
is coming to remove his fenced in weed/tree garden can
landscape that area too. So, lets add it up...he spent
1000 bucks for the fence...probably about 500 for the wood
to build the raised planting beds ( that is hidden in there
somewhere) and the dog house...which is on a bed of concrete.

And the pool cost 5000 and the wood to build all the decking
cost 10k. So, he has spent 16500 and probably more than that
on all these projects that he never took care of...and now
they are all going to be removed. Wow....

Now, lets see how long this will take....

five years? 10?

Who knows.

I will be saving my funds...till then...and adding none
to his account to help pay for this...

oh yeah...he asked me if I minded if he asked his brother
to come help him take the deck and pool area help
pay us back the money he borrowed...which I am being told
was only 8k. But there is about 20k missing out of
our account.

I guess he thinks I can not add.

I can. I keep very good records too. house...scheduling an inspection...
and hoping to take a short ride to town to take
some stuff that is being donated...

a TAX DEDUCTION! God I love a tax deduction....