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2016-05-26 10:38:49 (UTC)

Looked up again

After I finally left the house to ride to Cabarrus county, my day
began getting better and better. I met the broker who listed
the condo to drop off a check to him. He ask about my daughter
right away. He used to work with her and goes to her church. I
must look a lot like her or he knew before I got there that she
worked at my company. Maybe both. It felt hear him
talk about her as his face lite up.

Left there to ride to Concord to drop off a check at he lawyers
office. I have worked with him before and it felt so good to
be there again and get to talk to him. He knows my buyer
personally so we chatted a while.

I had my friend riding with me and she wanted to meet her boyfriend
at IRON THUNDER near the Charlotte Motor Speedway since they live
near there. I was hesitant since this is race week, but the traffic
was great. I was happy that we made this decision. We sat there
a while and caught up...she needed some girl time. She has a
stressful situation and is also getting used to being a UBER driver..
I loved that idea...I think she will be great at this...

I got home and talked to him a little. Hated he woke up from
his nap time when I came in. I asked him how he was feeling...
he had a headache on Tuesday...but yesterday he was just tired.
I think something is wrong with him, but he will not go to
the doctor. I can not force him to go.

But I am watching him...

I turned in early...and got up early this morning...

I have all my buyers under contract...

now..if that seller I sent the letter too would call me...
I would be so happy.

It is FOR SALE BY OWNER to get out and seek
some is all I have left....