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2016-05-25 16:03:46 (UTC)

Hump day delights? Not really

Even with the good news, I feel defeated today.

Honestly, being told the stomach thing is most likely from
bed bugs...knocked me down a notch for sure. I still have
not seen any evidence of them....but I will take the
precautions I have available...

I see no need in doing a damn thing till that damn carpet is
up...and I see something there. He is back
to sitting on his ass 24 seven hours a day. I was off showing
property yesterday...and when I returned, he had not moved...
matter a fact, he was asleep again...had done nothing...all day.

Same thing today.

When I see a woman my age making an offer on her own condo...
and the excitement in her face and voice....only reminds me
of how much I wish that was me.

Yes. I wish that was me.

I am still confused with his saying he is going to do this...
he is going to do that...and once again...nothing is done.

Now, I am being told...we probably have bed bugs in this damn
place...just like I had mentioned to him before...and he
just can not believe it.

"that is hard to, you change your sheets so
often...usually 2 or 3 times a week...."


Seriously he is so fucking stupid.

If he was to drop dead today..and leave me with this
peace of dump property, I honestly believe I would set
it on fire.

I am so disappointed.

Although I had an offer accepted yesterday....
and now have two closings...or two more closings

it is time to start banking my money...

and hopefully it will be me....

it will be me....