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2016-05-24 00:31:23 (UTC)

Trying to learn more...

Why? What the heck is going on with my scalp and skin on my
stomach? I will find out a little more in the I
have finally got an appointment with a new doctor...near here.

You will remember the last dermatologist ripped me off with this
laser treatment that I decided against after the first one for
the red chin did NOT work...and I lost 1 thousand bucks? Yeah..

Now, this time...none of that crap. I just want to know what the
hell is happening...can I do something to fix it...or is this
just part of growing older...when my hair falls out? Cause..uh,
it is...falling out.

I finally heard from my condo buyer who has been missing...
and hoping to show her a condo tomorrow...she wanted it
so bad, she wanted me to just present a verbal offer without
seeing it. I told her there is a cat we need
to see it first....just to prevent her from being a sad unhappy
buyer living with a cat piss smell....

so...doing that tomorrow too.

I have it written up to close a couple weeks after my next closing..
so that will be some good income for next month. YEAH!

Now...if I can get that commercial stuff sold...and under
contract...I would be happier.
I am still trying to get something in writing with my son's
boss...I found the property...but he did not call today.
Not sure why yet...

one thing at a time.

I feel like shit.