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2016-05-22 17:42:55 (UTC)

Glimpse of sunlight in my life

With all this rain and cloudy skies, I had almost forgot the way
the ray of sunshine feels on my face. Today, it is partly cloudy
but the sun is trying to shine through.

I learned that the house is under contract that had a OPEN HOUSE
scheduled for today...and that open house is now cancelled. DAMN
man..I wanted to go see that house so much. It is the house that
my husband grew up in. His sister sound it after it was left to her
instead of the brothers. It sound for about 5 times what she got
back then. Many updates had been made. I wanted to walk through
it today and take photos for him. He said he wanted to remember
it the way it was. I never really got to see it good when his
sister lived there. She was such a bitch to me, I never even
was there long enough to go pee in the bathroom. LOL

Anyway, I learned that another house right up the street where he
used to cut grass when he was a teenager is being painted and some
upgrades are being made. My friend knows the painter and he
said the owner do not live there any longer and have intentions
of putting it up for sale. So, today, I put together one of my
award winning letters...and it is being mailed to them today.
Let's see if my way with words grants me a phone call from them
this week. I hope so. That family home went under contract
in 4 days. I want this listing. Real bad.

I was going to go spend the afternoon at my cousin friend's house.
She and I talked yesterday about her new furniture and she wanted
me to stop in to see it. She got a good deal at this store that
was going out of business. I had told him we needed to go there..
but it is too late now. She said she got a 3500 dollar living room
set for less than 1500. It included a bunch of stuff too.

I can not wait to see it..and her. I miss my friends who are
actually smart and not insane. Right now, she is about the only

The friend I told ya'll about that I wanted to buy a car for...
I had lunch with her recently. She is telling me now that her
car finally died. I found out from another friend of ours it
died because she let it run dry from much needed oil, transmission fluid? This is not the first time
this has happened. I paid 1500 bucks to get her car fixed
a few years ago when she let the oil run out..blow a casket
or something.

I am beginning to think now that buying her a car is a waste of
money. She does not have a job to go too. Her daughters both
have cars to take her to doctor or to go get her if they need
her to babysit. I think I will pass this time...on helping her
and pray that her own family steps up to the plate this time.
My son reminded me of that 1500 bucks I spent before. Hell, I
had forgot. Just another idiot friend that cannot do a damn
thing for themselves...but live in la la land.

Matter a fact....I am going to get back on track to help my
own family....and myself.....he told me that would be best...
and also agreed to help out his sister if I wanted to help
fence in her yard.....and get the granddaughter a car.

Makes more sense to me...
and I am okay with it.

I love watching the double garage being built next door. When the
truck comes to pour the new driveway, I will be talking to them...
to see if I can get an estimate on pouring a new one here....
I already noted the contractor's information for that garage...
I like the way they have worked....and trust me...we been paying
attention to details....he does not take short cuts...and looks
like that new neighbor is going to have a great workshop...

can not wait to see it finished.

Wish me luck on that expected phone call this week