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2016-05-20 23:12:52 (UTC)

Rain rain go away...come again another day

It has rained here all week. And today, not only is it raining,
it is COLD too! Mother nature is clearly upset with us.

I ask her to give us mercy this weekend and please....bring
back the sunshine.

Although it is raining, I have been working from home, which is
what I do....mostly anyway. I have found a property for the man
who owns the company my son works for to consider leasing. Those
guys are having to drive almost an hour to get to the equipment they
use. That is pushing into hours...on the road and getting to the
job site.

I am hoping this works out. It could lead into instead of leasing
it for now, but a purchase later on down the line. And the best
part is it is listed by one of my favorite realtors in the area.


Time will tell on that. I have other things going on too, but
the rain is holding back going out to show some property. I am
hoping things clear up next week so I can get back out there.

Now, the weight thing.

He told me a couple days ago when I asked him if he wanted me
to fix lunch for the two of us that he was trying to cut down
on eating so much. He feels that he has been eating way too much.
Well, finally...admitting it is the first step. With him now
on board to watch it...cut down and make better choices;
I am also hoping to drop some of this annoying weight off.

I was ok with a 1X size....but 2X is a bit much. Time to
make some changes.

Today, we started drinking a glass of water in the morning with
fresh lemon juice. And drinking some hot tea through out the day
a couple times and tonight before bed, we will drink a glass of
water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in it. All this is
supposed to boost our metabolism. Not even sure how that will
help, but it is something and a start is good.

Not sure what else we will do but it has been apparent that
I am not able to succeed at any diet program without him being
on board too.

I think he is sick of feeling like crap.

I am too.

Hoping that this will be the start to a great summer....
and smaller sizes.