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2016-05-18 22:30:56 (UTC)

Another day another friend

I got a text last night from one of my favorite buddies. We have
had lunch a few times recently. She is not a complete loser. Although she has a rough time sometimes. I think some of us older people have
kids who believe just because we are parents, we are supposed to buy cars, pay rent, provide cell phones with major features...etc etc...
But doing that may cause us to get late on our car payment...
and lose it. Maybe even lose our house. Shit happens.

Probably with all this guys is we need to raise our children to
appreciate what they have by knowing what it cost and making them
get jobs to pay for it. Parents should not have breakdowns...lose
their cars, jobs and homes just because kids are draining them dry.

Matter a fact, the kids should be paying rent to live at home...
and also doing chores...and if they have a car, only if they
can afford to pay for the insurance and put gas in it...expecting
parents to provide...more and more is a big mistake for the kids
and the parents. Seriously.

We were supposed to have lunch today. She must have slept all day
from the nervous breakdown she is having...and medication to help.
I was worried. But she finally got in touch and told me she was ok.

Today, I mailed a local news of those free ones...
a advertisement add thing...for me. It cost 40 bucks. I hope
it works. If it does....I will do the same for my daughter...

the fact is...I do want to make as much cash as I can.
I would love to buy that friend of mine a car....
and help my daughter with a new range and dishwasher...
I want to start saving too to have a garage built in
backyard with an apartment. I will live in it too.

I figure I am going to have to do all this myself...
so I need business to make money.

Wish me luck