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2016-05-18 15:43:08 (UTC)

Being used or drawn into someones web

I was not born yesterday. Sure enough.

I have lots of friends though that I have maintained a friendship
with that I knew in the 70's. We all have and
much different lives.

I have learned recently that some of these people...simply have
changed so much or maybe the age thing is taking its toll, I am
not sure.

But you would think if someone lives in LA LA LAND most of their
lives, that at some point in time, they would wake up and realize
that you need to work to have car won't run without
gas in it, and to have a car, you have to have insurance, money
for inspections, pay taxes on be legal and to keep oil
and gas in it...and money for repairs to maintain it. realize that no, they do not know that at all. They
are so use to their mother or dads who used to take care of all
those things...that they do not understand the process. Or are
they waiting on someone ( like me? ) to pay to have their
transmission repaired, put tires on their car...or pay their insurance?

I have helped in small amounts in the past. I gave them 20 bucks for
gas a few times...100 bucks to help pay insurance....but man...when
that car stops is not my problem. PARK IT.
You have grown kids that should be helping you if you need it.
If they expect you to haul their children back and forth to
school, then use their car.

Do not call me whining cause some crap is going on that you want
to go too....and you do not have a car that is running. NOT MY

I have a career. I have people to meet and talk
to take of property and research to do. WHY? Cause years ago
when I decided I wanted to do something with my life, I DID.

I did not sit around talking on and on about how I wanted to be
a realtor and NEVER LOOKED INTO IT. If you had went back to school
and learned how to run a small business...took those massage certification classes...YOU TOO could have had a career...or
at least would have understood more about it....

They really do.

This same person thought I was going to cancel appointments
this morning to go take her grandchild to school...and she lives
30 miles from here....a child that would also need a way home.

I know....why not enroll that child in a school that is closer
to your house so she can be picked up by the bus? Problem solved.

I know....instead of whining about that car....why not park it
or sell it for parts? And use that money to pay for a cab when
you need to go somewhere. People ride cabs all the time...

I am not one.