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2016-05-16 18:06:08 (UTC)

10 Impossible Conversations

Mood: sleepy/drowsy
Song: Eyes wide open By Sabrina Carpenter
Color: Light brown(like the eye color)

i was thinking again this morning about something i mentioned in my last entry about wanting to pick my great grandmothers brain for a while... How i wouldn't be afraid to ask questions and I'm also not a young child now so the questions i would ask now verses what i would have asked while she was still alive are quite different as they should be lol.
So today i want to talk about 10 impossible conversations i wish i could have and what's weird is instead of making me sad thinking about this it's making me smile.
because i'm actively imagining these impossible conversations and it's a happy thought and it's hopeful even if it's not possible this side of things.

1. My great grandmother.
My grandma lives with me cause she's herself getting up in years and i spend time talking with her and i listen and that is something i think a lot of people no matter what generation their from they don't do and then they end up regretting it and all the time they missed and all the things they didn't say.
But when i hear about the things she talks about like cooking with her mother it makes me wish for a little while that i'd been there to see it, to see her in her prime of life and not as an old woman that i met as a young child.
If i could talk with her today i would ask her to show me how she cooked and talk about her favorite everything and the best memories she had in her lifetime.
I would want to make her laugh and i would want to make her proud.

2. My Grandpa...he's been gone about 3 years so i knew him into my adulthood and i feel blessed to have had the time i did and to know the person he was.
Loyal, smart, generous, giving, talented, faithful, funny, genuine.
i miss him and if i could have a conversation with him today i would tell him that i loved him and that i was thankful for his presents in my life and for the way that he never treated me any differently because of being adopted...i would say thank you for this family that i've gotten to be a part of.
and i would just want him to talk to me about all the stories that he would tell over and over.
I would want to hear him laugh and i would want to discuss everything that's happened and i would want his opinion on it all.
I would want the advice and the wisdom.

My twin brother was murdered and i would want to have any conversation with him...
I would say i love you and then i wouldn't care what we said i would just want one conversation...
one conversation that matters.

4. Winnie
I would want to talk to Mrs. Winnie because she genuinely loved me and wanted me to do well and i would just want on more conversation with her because i was to late and i didn't even get to say goodbye.
I would thank her for instilling in me a good foundation of faith and i would just want to see her excitement for what i was doing and for who i was because she didn't care any good thing i did she was proud of and i know she's still cheering me on.
i wish i could have had the chance to give to her what she gave to me.

5. C.S. Lewis.
I would want to talk about his books and his thoughts on things now a day's ...he'd be shocked by the world i think because it's so different from the way it was when he left it.
but yeah i'd just want to discuss his stories.
simple as that because his writing is amazing and it still continues today...it never dies even when he did.

6. Robin Williams
I don't really have a emotional connection to Robin williams it's not the same as me wanting to have a conversation with C.S. Lewis but Robin Williams makes the list for all the Characters he played that i and everyone else loved.
He makes the list because of the tragic end he chose for himself and the wasted God given talent.
If i could have a conversation with him today i would tell him that he shouldn't give up and that there is alway's hope and that he had purpose and life is worth the living.
i would ask him what his favorite roll was and i'd ask him why he chose to be the sad clown.

7. Helen Keller
Because if anyone could talk about carrying on despite huge and terrible obstacles in life it's her!
i would want to talk to her about how she overcame everything how she could possible say all the positive and amazing things she did i just feel like if anyone talked with her it could considerably cut down any complaining that a person does because we are incredible blessed even with our hardships.

8. Robert Frost
I can't resist i would want to discuss the stories in detail behind the amazing poetry because i know there's more to it than just what meets the eye.
I mean i can write a poem and it be about something and a person read it and understand what it's about but they don't get everything like i can write about being angry and they can understand it's about anger but they might not know why, or how much, or the whole story behind it and that's the mystery about poetry and why it's so different than any other literature because it's the only type that's not just spelled out for you.
you have to look deeper and even then you may not get the same thing the author meant which is neither good or bad just different interpretations.
I had a hard time picking a poet so i just went with a really good classic and i'd thank him for his words that inspired me and many others to have hope and to write and to not let poetry die.

9.Ronald Reagan
Okay so yeah he was an amazing president and i would want to have a long conversation with him from things like acting and movies to religion and politics i just think he would be a interesting person to talk to.
I'd thank him for being and honorable man despite his political party lol -_-
things were so different then...when he was president i wish so much that i could have seen it.

10. Walt Disney
For all the stories... i mean seriously? who wouldn't want to hear the things he could tell us about?
i'd say thank you for the classics in my childhood and for promoting fun and imagination.
I'd want to know if he approved of what Disney is today(both the parks and the shows/movies.)
because honestly it's just gone down hill...but i think of what it was meant to be and it think that dream, the original one from Walt Disney was good.

anyway's those are the 10 impossible conversations i would like to have today...
tomorrow the list might be different and a year from now it would be different but today those are the people i would want to have a good discussion with.
how about you? who would be on your list?