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2016-05-16 00:33:17 (UTC)


Mood: tired contemplative
Song: Chasing the Sun by the Wanted
Color: Green

So It's like 7:18 and i'mm just really tired but i'm forcing myself to stay awake until a decent time to go to bed( but by then i'll have caught a second wind and will be awake until 2:30.... -_-
this is how my life goes haha.

But no seriously today was a good day i'm just worn out i think.
I visited Tammy's church today which was fun i enjoyed it but it also didn't feel like "church" which can be a good thing.
and after watched crazy screaming kids for a few hours and then talked with B, Nevan and Destany and Braden and briefly Tammy which was probably the best part of the afternoon.

Afterwards just driving back with B and listing to music and talking which was also good...it was just a positive experience and a good day.
I was tempted to stay in town after she dropped me off at my car...
i was tempted to pay MSBC a visit...and i was at the the 7th street turn and i had to choose left for the Church or right for home and i sat there literally for like a minute or two thinking about it and it was tempting but in the end... for the first time in a long time the past...was passed.

Mostly i just want to live and dream and be okay... you know?
Mostly i just want to enjoy my time and make memories you know?
Mostly i just want to have fun and feel the sun and have joy you know?
Mostly i would like to pick my great grandmothers mind for just a few minutes...and i wouldn't be afraid to ask questions like i once was.
Mostly i just want to hope.

I hope we hold on to the things that we should stand for.
I hope that my friends will be okay with their life choices.
I hope that i find my own path.
I hope i can stay focused on the next right thing...
I hope that you reading this are okay and i hope you will be soon if you aren't...Hang in there.
I hope i don't accidentally fall asleep in a few minutes cause my eyes are already closing...
wish me luck!