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2016-05-15 14:49:53 (UTC)

Blast from the past

An old friend of mine likes to have all girls at her house
during this month to celebrate her birthday. I have not been
in many years. I wanted to at least try to stop by for a short
visit, but did not intend to stay too long. Using that do not like
to drive at night every time.

When I got there, only 2 cars, so I did not expect to see so
many of the girls inside. Most of them had been dropped off
earlier. They were all happy to see me. I sat there while
even more long lost pals showed up. It was a good night.

I stayed three hours. It felt good to remember the fun we
all shared at some point in our life....and the music we played
or danced too.

I hate that her old man has left her...and she is not taking the
divorce too well. But in time she will wake up to the world
around her and seek a new life with whom she ends up with or
like some of them...walk it alone. Nothing wrong with being
single either....

nothing at all.