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2016-05-13 15:26:39 (UTC)


Years ago, if we did not want to hear from someone again for
whatever reason, we stopped returning calls. In my world, I
do not reveal where I live, so I do not have to be too concerned
about anyone friend or foul showing up at my residence. My phone
number is out there though. I can not get away from that.

But when I defriend someone on facebook or even notice that I
myself have been defriended by someone; hoping they get the
message for whatever reason and leave me alone, I do the same
if I am defriended.

I know that there are people in my circle or close to it that I
do not share personality traits. No, I do not want someone telling
people they and I are close buddies while noticing that they are
tramps to the highest degree posting shit about how they are a
"good" to eat pizza naked in bed while watching movies...
and how they do not want a man's money...they want his penis.
Yeah, when I see shit like that...I hit the defriend button. And
I do not have to instruct other women who may also share this do the same. Most decent ladies will hit that
defriend button. If you are the woman getting defriended,
just because a few months pass by does not mean the truth
revealed by your bad behavior has been forgot. No. We
remember...and no, just because you send me a friend request...
does not mean anything to me. I have not forgot....and I
do remember all the times I gave you a ride....or stopped by
your apartment to make sure you had everything you needed
when you were sick.....yeah, I did that for you.

Another bitch...defriended me. I was okay with it. I was about
to go off on her stupid shit anyway. She is a know it all bitch
who complains about everything...that she is not in charge of.
Yes, she went to college..and for that she owes a bunch
of student loans at her retirement age. Is she smarter because
of it? Does she have a better job because of it? Hell no.
She is still almost homeless....her own fault. Not mine.
I am a realtor. I am not a life planner or a loan specialist.
I do know that you can lose your home if you stop making
payments. I do know that you can also lose friends when
you say ugly things about them just because they did not
show up for a funeral, or a show, or to your rescue.
FUCK YOU TOO will be a lonely old bitch someday.

And when a woman's kids do not like her. That says enough
to me. It reveals something about them that you can avoid
if you just walk away soon enough.

When I say do not call my home phone because my husband is
sleeping since he is working at night......and you get
so offended although you have my cell phone number...
guess what? I do not care if you defriend me. I was
getting ready to do the same to you.

Go fuck off bitch.

All your time working 9-5....or all that money you owe on
that master degree won't affect me at I laugh
all the way to the bank with my 35k or 50k checks...
I do not have to work all day...
and I am not Overly the point that I
am sickening. I worked hard to be a realtor and it is
paying my bills...that hard work. I do not have to
go around talking over everyone's head about real estate
to prove I am educated about it.


An accountant who cannot handle her own affairs has only earned
a degree. She can teach me nothing....nor would I expect her too.

Go fuck off bitch.