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2016-05-12 22:49:27 (UTC)

Thursday Afternoon/Evening

Mood: tired and in need of coffee but i'm not going to be getting any:(
song: Silence
Color: Blue

So i've been busy, tired and frustrated, yesterday was horrible and all this just contributes to the writers block that I've been dealing with like i swear i could go to sleep right now if i tried...but i'm forcing myself to stay awake hence the need of coffee.
And honestly?

There's a lot i want to say and a lot that's on my mind and a lot that i'm having to carry right now because i don't feel like i can really talk about some of this stuff with anyone.
and it's not an insult to them it's just how i feel.
But for now i'll keep my head down and my mouth shut and maybe the worst of my worries will pass.
Gah i'm so tired, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally just...ugh.
and we've all been there it happens but you know... that doesn't exactly make it all easier to deal with.
it's just life.
i'm hoping after today things will even out some...here's hoping for a good rest of the week and that there aren't any more emotional break downs.