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2016-05-11 17:16:13 (UTC)

Lifting up my spirits..

I have been feeling very gloomy for the past couple of days.
But today I got a call from the boss. He sounded so good.
Just knowing that he is back home from hospital and feeling
good...asking about property and clients made me rise up like
a helium filled balloon.

I sent him a list of property he was asking about...

and filled him in on some property owned by Charlotte Motor
Speedway someone was asking about....
I love it when he ask me something I know right already...
and can respond right away...I am feeling more and more

So....I am ready to go buy a red dress.

I have noticed more and more ladies on sitcoms...or other shows
wearing red dresses....some with sweaters...jackets...and
it is not Christmas or Valentines red is in.

And I look good in red. it is.

He actually installed the light on our patio as he had promised.
It took him all day. But it is complete.

Today...he is taking a break....back on the sofa with the remote.

I am researching...sending and answering emails...
and working......

from bed...

but I am working....

feeling better today...

two of the men in my life made me smile