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2016-05-10 01:07:18 (UTC)

Later in day

So he rode to his brothers to give him some cash to make it through.
Like I told him, I was ok with that. I know he will pay us back. I
even sent SS disability information with him to call and learn more
about it if he wanted too.

I was ok with it. Just did not like the idea of him helping his
brother and not doing things around here that he had promised. I
was not bitching...but I reminded him I am too old to be worried
and upset about crap 24 hours a day. Either do it...or do not promise
you are going to do it. I get sick of hearing about it...and even
sicker waiting to see something actually done.

He has no idea how much I have saved on my own. But I do.

I do not work for free any damn more. If someone wants my
services, they will and do pay for it. Consultation fee or whatever..
I need to build my next egg.

I know what is in my future....

his brother will end up living here with us as soon as my son
takes as much crap as he can from my old man...which is probably
why...he is being such an ass hole to my son.

I got news for son leaves....I go with him.
If I son goes with me.

I am not living with his no time....