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2016-05-09 14:44:22 (UTC)

After the talk...enlightened

Lord have mercy.
He told me this weekend for some reason that I can not even
recall that he and I both would go to the store to pick up
his medication that I called in for him. So, today is the
day that we were supposed to do that.

I walk in there to ask him...if we were still going to do that
since I need to work on some things and was trying to set
my time up to please everyone. He said he was going to
ride over to his "brothers" for a little while...and take his
brother some cash that he asked to borrow. He said he will get
it back...when he gets his settlement....( if there is one )

but apparently his brother has been laid off...was drawing
unemployment and too sorry to attend a required class..
and they have stopped it.


I told him that I was ok with him helping out his "brother" since
he was certain he would be paid back...but the problem I will have
is...that all this stuff he has promised me will be done...and
I see nothing being done...even the crap laying around here
that he has already went to that light..he bought
to put up....and the screen for the screen door...little things
are not being done...and that makes me wonder if the "bigger
things" he has promised won't get done either.

I told him I heard what he said to my son...who was offering his
help in taking down that fence....and he was shocked that I
heard it. He was not expecting that. I could see it in his

I will be checking on the money in the bank....and see how
much he is handing his brother...we already bought him a damn
truck. That was 12 thousand.

I will rent a place...and go.
I will.

I will not continue to live that last part of my life
feeling like shit....and unimportant.

I am important to my damn self.
I will treat myself like I should be....

I will be on the look out for a place to rent...
and get the hell out of here.