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2016-05-09 06:52:38 (UTC)

Top 10's Today

Mood: Tired
Song: silence
Color: Dark Purple

So I'm tried but awake i should get off of here and get ready for bed but i wanted to do a quick entry cause i feel like i've had no time to do anything recently.
so i'm going to list my top 10's for today just random.

Top 10 things i'm thankful for:

1. God
2. Air conditioning.
3. Glasses.
4. Gatorade
5. Internet
6. My mom.
7. Sleep
8. Full tank of gas.
9. Time with my family
10.Time to myself.

Top 10 things i'm hoping for:

1. A good nights sleep
2. To not wake up with a headache like i have been.
3. Good dreams.
4. A good week.
5. An end to writers block.
6. (Unspoken)
7. Things to work out well
8. For Josh to find what he's looking for.
9. For more time(good time) with friends.
10. Good job, good money.

Top 10 things i'm worried about:

1. My foot hurting and driving me crazy.
2. Josh driving me crazy.
3. My dad's emotional stability.
4. Finding a good birthday present for my mom(tomorrow!)
5. Financial.... Financial...
6. Future.
7. Living up and living down.
8. My Grandmother's behavior and storm season paranoia. -_-
9. Change
10. Anger, going back. facing demons.

okay so it's like almost 2:00 am time to try and sleep