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2016-05-08 15:15:11 (UTC)

Mothers day plans for the future

I hate mothers day. I do not like being reminded of my good for
nothing biological. I do miss my foster mother very much. Being
a mother...sometimes I feel like a failure. But every now and then
a spark of light will appear to remind me that I do have two good

I just wish I could enjoy them somewhere else....
as usual, this is not a good day.

Since the old man's job assignment ended...he has went to the
hardware store several times to pick up make
repairs or whatever. He got some screen to fix the screened
in door that I have had to put masking tape over holes. He went
to the store to pick up a light fixture to replace on our
entry way so I can turn on a light at night when I need to see
what is going on out thing after another...

he said recently he was going to take down the chain length
fence and have the man to come back to take up all the crap
smooth it out and plant I have been waiting on
him to go out there to start taking that fence down. I have
already offered the fence to my daughter who said she would
love to have it to fence in part of her backyard for her dogs...
I mentioned to my son that he may need to help with this project...

then this morning I hear my son asking the old man about that
fence...and he just laughed and said something to the degree
of 'well, just because I mentioned it does not mean I am going
to do'

well, well, well. He must have had no idea I could hear him.
MY stomach fell to the heart broke a little...
all the excitement of this summer...the work around here..
he obviously intends to do all.

Just run his mouth....
and do nothing.

I hate him more each day.

The other day while I was out checking on some property for
one of my clients...I heard a commercial about how to
get a divorce....easy online. I almost stopped my car
to be sure to write that down. But no, I did not.

So...the good news is....

I can go to that stations website..and get the information
for it.

And I will before he spends all out money on parts, pieces
of this and that...just to add to his pile of such things..
that he buys and never does....

I hate him