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2016-05-07 04:20:56 (UTC)

Clearing up but still feeling gloomy

He has been in ICU all week. They are giving him fluid, he thinks
too much. Said he had gained 15 pounds. I wish and pray that the
holy spirit would heal him right NOW! I do not like any of this.
I want him well. I want him strong enough to be able to make it
through a transplant surgery. Please God...just do this for me.

I rarely ask for anything....and I will be so good.

I have my eye on a car that might work for a friend of mine.
She is bad off, has no car. Yes, my own daughter and granddaughter
are trying to get a car...but they have one. I am thinking very
seriously about getting this one. And giving it to my friend.
Her mother bought me a car in the 80's when I had none. It was
a life saver. I feel she ( her mom ) is watching over me and
because of whey I have this urge to do this.

I know it would make her feel so much better. Lifting her spirits
will help her stay positive as she goes into retirement. She is
trying to get an apartment to live in using her SS. Not sure
if she is having any luck. But having a car to get back and forth...
would make things easier. It would also give her more options
of places she can live....she won't have to worry about being
close by anyone or anything if she can get around on her own.

Now..I just need my phone to start ringing. I need to get more
closings scheduled. I have a couple...and they are right on time...
all is done on my end so I am free to get involved in more.

I rode to Cabarrus County today. It was great. I love that
place....I feel at home there. Everyone wants to live there.
Me included. Just can not get him to do anything...or even
discuss it.

He is working on the yard though. Now that the bushes are down,
he wants to take down that horrible fence and have that guy
come back to dig up all the raised gardening beds ( that he built
wasting money doing so and never used...) and the dog house..
and smooth that all out and plant grass. It would look nicer..
and easier to cut grass.

We decided the fence was way too much. So, now he is trying to
get the yard looking it won't look so
white trashy.

God I hate that.

He has started running his mouth to my son for parking his
company truck in our yard. Afraid it will kill the grass.
What an ass. There is a pile of dead trees in an area
that has been out there for 8 years...looks like shit...
the pool is a mess...has two trees growing in it....
and he wants to complain about my son parking a truck
in our yard. My son said he will have to move out...
cause he will be expected to drive that truck soon.

I told my husband to get off his case about it.

He just has to be bitching about something....

I wish he would leave me...just go.