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2016-05-03 06:48:18 (UTC)


Mood: On Edge
Song: Silence
Color: dark Pink

So i just stopped our our house from catching on fire... that was fun.
So we have this porch light that we never use and it had a birds nest in it and my dad turned it on and then forgot about it.
So i'm in my room above the front door and i smell the smoke of a fire and get up to investigate it.
I check all the upstairs rooms- nothing.
I go down stairs and check nothing.
Go tell my parents about it and we are all looking for the source of the smoke when we finally find it outside the front door and we saw that metal and glass light was busted and it got hot enough to burn the metal of the porch roof.
We doused it with water then cleaned out the birds nest and everyone went to be except me who sat down to write this but then got interrupted by Brandyce and Amber stopping by on their way Back home which was good and fine i didn't mind that interruption at all but now i feel super tired it's 1:45am and that's late considering i didn't sleep last night because of the girls -_-

you know what's amazing? as kids you don't like sleep but you get alot of it through the night and naps and all that.
and then as an adult you love sleep but don't get a lot of it for one reason or another.
Where is the justice in this people?
anyway's i think i'll try for some sleep...

so tell me your fire related story.... I have another one but it's not house related maybe i'll write an entry on fire related experiences another time but i want to hear one of yours...
so let me know and i hope that your nights been less...eventful than mine has!